Afraid of the Staff

These are the people who write this site.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Steve Chandler [Editor in Chief]
Steve is a "humble" office worker with aspirations to rule the world (or more realistically his man cave). He discovered horror as a sickly, anti-social child and the genre pretty much attached itself to his psyche like some kind of inoperable demonic tumor that guides all his thoughts and actions in the direction of the dark side.

He would say that that horror is his main passion in life if that wasn't likely to result in his long-suffering wife planting her foot so far up his arse that he'd choke on it.  He pretty much enjoys all kinds of horror but is particularly enamoured of recent Euro entries such as the mighty Martyrs, [REC] series, Livide, À L'Intérieur etc.

He also has a deep seated belief that the horror genre is far more expansive than most people credit and has an automatic mistrust of anyone who states emphatically that they don't like scary movies (boring fuckers).

Beyond the realms of all things gory, scary and just plain distressing he has a all encompassing appreciation of all things cinema related.  He also has a possibly unhealthy obsession with the Glasgow music scene and has been knows to state that he loves reading even though he only manages to finish about 2-3 books a year and only does that whilst on holiday.

He can sometimes be found ranting and raving like some kind of crazy street preacher at strangers on street corners in Glasgow.  This latter fact may or may not be a lie.  So if you come across someone ranting and raving on a Glasgow street corner please say hi.  But be could end badly.

Sam Inglis [Film Editor]
Sam used to be a reasonably normal person, then he discovered movies.  Now, 25 years later, he can usually be found sitting among his 4000 strong film collection, hunched over his laptop swearing as he tries, and often fails, to write reviews and features on films of all kinds.

Sam runs and presents film podcast The Picture Show.  He also contributes DVD reviews and occasional features to New Empress.

Sam loves all kinds of horror, with the exception of 'noises off' movies, but has a special interest in censorship.  This means he spends a lot of time watching video nasties and other extremely nasty films.  His family don't understand this at all.

Outside of horror films Sam particularly enjoys coming of age movies and is working on a book about obscure and underseen movies.  He also likes great pop music, is perhaps the world's biggest Jennifer Jason Leigh fan, and hates writing about himself in the third person.

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