Thursday, 10 April 2014

Competition: The Borderlands (R2 DVD)

The Borderlands is one of the most atmospheric, wildly entertaining horror movies of 2014 so far.  You can find our 9 out of 10 review here. The folk over at Metrodome have been kind enough to supply us with a copy of the movie on DVD to put up as a competition prize.  What diabolical hoops do we expect you to jump through in order to win this macabre treat?  We've decided to keep it simple and ask an easy question.  If you don't already please follow us on Twitter (AOTDBlog) and DM us the answer along with your email address no later than midnight on Sunday 13th April.  The winner will be drawn at random from the list of correct answers.  The question is:

The Borderlands star Gordon Kennedy rose to prominence in what UK sketch show?

A) Maybe
B) Absolutely
C) Probably

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