Sunday, 2 August 2015

List of Shame: A Project

The List of Shame project serves two purposes.  1. It forces me to make an effort to see a selection of horror movies that I have thus far, somehow, avoided.  2. It hopefully ensures that I get at least a couple of new reviews up on this blog a month because, let's face it, I've been somewhat lazy of late.

The criteria I adopted in making this list was fairly flexible and I do intend to add to the list over time.  Suggestions of any under the radar gems would be very welcome.  The films currently listed are horror movies which are considered classics or in some way are infamous and which, given my love of this particular genre of cinema, I really should have seen by now. It is my intention to, on a weekly or fortnightly basis, select at random one move from my List of Shame to review.

The inclusion of any movie on this particular list should be considered less a commentary on how good the movie is likely to be but should instead be taken as an indication of some degree of importance in the history of horror cinema. Some I have included for personal reasons, some because they were targeted by the BBFC in the UK during the video nasties debacle and some because they have been recommended by others. Many have deliberately been included simply because of their controversial nature. I'm setting out to challenge myself and hoping that I will be surprised, entertained and sometimes shocked along the way.

I should also mention that I have shamelessly stolen this idea from Sam Inglis who is the guy behind the 24 Frames Per Second movie review blog.  If you are unfamiliar with his writing I would strongly recommend heading over to and checking it out immediately.  He's one of the reasons I ever started writing about movies.

My List of Shame can be found over at Letterboxd by following this link or by casting your eyes over the lurid image below.

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