Sunday, 3 November 2013

Severed Headlines

Hi and welcome to AOTD's weekly horror news roundup.  If you have a story for us, or you want to promote something horror related please email details to  Thanks.

The Week in Remake News
Because the movie gods continue to hate the genre, no week goes by without the announcement of yet another horror remake.  This time it's the turn of Pet Semetary, which will be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, whose last genre outing was the unremittingly awful Intruders and of cult classic Sleepaway Camp, which has much of the key talent behind the original on board.  I suspect we will end up seeing the Pet Semetary remake, along with more Stephen King updates if they continue to do well, but the Sleepaway Camp project has the distinct whiff of something that could fall through.

In further remake news the sequel to the Evil Dead remake has apparently lost the creative team behind this year's film.  It remains to be seen whether the film will move forward, and whether it will use the (STUPID) credits stinger as a jumping off point.

They're Creepy and They're Kooky and They're... Animated?
I love the 90's Addams Family films (especially the sequel, which contains what may still be Christina Ricci's best work), but it was always likely that the characters would be rebooted now that whole generation has not seen them on TV or at the cinema.  Happily this new project seems not to be a remake but a CG animated take that will apparently go back to Charles Addams' cartoons for inspiration.  Pamela Pettler, having penned Monster House and The Corpse Bride, seems well suited to scripting duties.  I'm looking forward to hearing more on this one.

Horror DVD and BR Releases
UK (Nov. 4th)
The People Under The Stairs [Blu]
I've never seen this 1991 Wes Craven movie, but you can bet I'll be rectifying that with what looks to be a typically stellar release from Arrow Video with a restored print, a commentary from star Brandon Quinton Adams and loads of other video and written extras.

USA (Nov. 4th)
Under the Dome [DVD / Blu]
The only notable genre release of the week in the US is the first season of this TV adaptation of Stephen King's novel.  Typically of King the novel had a great premise but cardboard cut out characters and a terrible ending.  I hope this will rectify at least one of those things, but bear in mind that it was shown on Channel 5 over here, which doesn't bode especially well.


Auteur Publishing have just published two new entries in their Devil's Advocate series of books on horror films, this time examining Carrie and John Carpenter's The Thing.  The series promises a blend of critical analysis, opinion on the film under discussion and background on the productions.  I'd suggest that they would be ideal for horror fans who have a background or an interest in film studies.

Interestingly, given where we started this set of news stories, both books also address the idea of remakes; the Carpenter film is one, the DePalma about to get one.

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